II. REL (SFSC) Expo and Conference – Smart solutions in the Short Food Supply Chains

2022. September 9., Friday

In the summer of 2021, Kislépték Egyesület organised the I. Short Food Supply Chain (REL) Expo in Gödöllő for the first time. (Motto of the conference: “SMARTCHAIN needs-driven innovative solutions in short food supply chains”). Many innovative companies, local producer groups and their civil supporting organisations exhibited and discussed the potentials of local production and how local products reaching the market. You can read more HERE.

2022 brought new challenges in the field of supply chains. Due to the instability of value chains, producers are looking for alternative sales opportunities. In addition, a new social demand became visible, as a result of which shopping communities and home delivery methods became the fastest growing short chains in Europe. The continuous challenges and changes encouraged us to organize the II. in 2022. REL Expo and Conference in Kaposvár, giving space for the actors of the local food system to meet and exchange opinions.

Visitors may learn about current trends, gain insight into the international and domestic state-of-art, the CAP support opportunities and learn about the current regulations at the conference. Furthermore, we offer business meeting opportunities and professional consultations for the SFSC actors (producers, market organizers, rural developers, basket communities, suppliers, consultants, restaurants and traders using local products, municipalities, LEADER organizations, consultants, gardeners), in the form of a trade exhibition and professional forum.

This event also serves as an expo where we provide opportunity to introduce farmers and their products as well as innovative tools and solutions for small farmers.

Date: November 10, 20229:00-17:00
Venue: Kaposvári Campus of Hungarian University Of Agriculture And Life Science
Guba Sándor u. 40. Kaposvár, Hungary

The event is free for visitors, but registration is required. For registration click on the sign!

Programme to be dowloaded.