Rural Facilitator Erasmus+ project final event in Hungary – The Rural Facilitators’ Day

2022. March 10., Thursday

As the closing event of the Rural Facilitator Erasmus + project, the Kislépték Association and Trebag Ltd. have organized the first Hungarian Rural Facilitators’ Day!

More than 80 people attended the event. In the technical part of the program, we presented the training material prepared within the framework of the project and the main results to the Hungarian Rural Facilitators, producers, rural tourism service providers, and the representatives of the short food supply chains what kind of training they can expect in the future in connection with the organization of short food supply chains, rural facilitating.

We built our program on the modules of the training material, thanks to which the participants could gain insight into the topics of the entire curriculum and the structure of the future training.

The presented results and the transferred knowledge were made even more memorable for the participants by’s visual notes and live drawing. The opening presentation of Katalin Kujáni, the president of the Association, about the project and the essence and structure of the training took place entirely along a creative template.

In the rest of the day, in the presentation of Andrea Kövesd (Trebag Kft.), Those interested could get to know the additional materials of the textbook and compare their knowledge using an online learning tool.

The afternoon program included 4 workshops. The topic of the 4 workshops was based on the interest of the participants and were the following:

I. How to become visible? Marketing tips for local product sales (product, price, promotion, place of sale)

II. How to organize an experience farm visits and thematic trips based on local products?

III. How to support local products to get into catering?

IV. How to become a REL organizer? What knowledge do you need?


In the end of the day the participants provided feedback on the event and the training material trough Kahoot! platform.

The most important issue for them was the marketing tips and knowledge on how to become more visible as a local producer, or rural facilitator they had received thanks to the event.

All in all the event was so successful that we considered it as a starting point of a building network for rural facilitators, short food supply chain organizers, stakeholders. As part of our target, the association is going to build up this network further and create a platform for these professionals in the future.

With this event we closed the Rural Facilitator Erasmus+ project.