The Lego Serious Play development method was used by farmers

2020. May 10., Sunday

JFebruary 4, 2020, Budapest
LEGO Serious Play is a successfully used development method in business world. This method has been used to facilitate dialogue between farmers and decision-makers about a sustainable and high-quality public catering.
The BOND (Bringing Organisations & Network Development to higher levels in the Farming sector in Europe) project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Program for research and innovation. This project looked for new methods to involve farmers and decision makers.
The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a method that can improve the problem solving skills of the group. By using gamified elements can unburden building the social capital and the relation between the parties.
 Members of Kislépték participated in an international professional forum. It was organized by the Védegylet Association and held in Budapest on 4th of February with the title: Public catering based on quality ingredients. During the workshop the participants explored the problems and opportunities of a green public catering that can help strengthening the local communities by the innovative Lego® Serious Play® method.

The participants discussed, explored, built and told the challenges of sustainable public catering and procurement, the challenges of the legislation and the related opportunities of the outbreak.
Experts in domestic catering, authority professionals, farmers, NGOs, municipal actors and representatives of The Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture were involved in the discussion.
LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is an innovative technique developed to team-building, it is a facilitated workshop. This methodology is a highly effective business and performance development technique that uses and builds and equal communication.
A facilitator helps the participants by a script and structured questions. The players build their own 3 dimensional figures from Lego elements and they answer the questions by metaphors and the technique of storytelling. Their personal memories and emotions are evolved in the stories that they tell, thanks to it the professional and human part can manifest without fears and barriers. The process helps the deeper understanding, to form opinions and attitudes, to establish relationships and to explore our problems and to get to know the point of view of others. The program helps common thinking and can be used for a group to clarify and understand the current situation and goals, as well as the ways they can achieve those. It is a great tool for organizations to create strategies, analyse situations, solve problems and plan.