BOND – Croatian Workshop

2020. May 10., Sunday

September 25-26, 2019, Krievci, Croatia

As part of the #Bondproject, we participated in the Croatian National Workshop, which was held in Kőrös, Croatia to create an action plan for executing a sustainable future, outlining the vision of the local settlement. The main topic of the forum was regenerative agriculture. Farmers presented their results, which were achieved using the methods of regenerative agriculture. We were acquainted bydead ends of current farming as well.
International partners reported on good practices, including the success of the Norwegian TINE cooperative cooperation, the experience of the EcoVillage in Italy. Next to local farmers, we also learned about the everyday life, successes, educational activities, and difficulties of the artisans who work with wool. There are similar difficulties in the artisian use of local wool (animal by-products) as in Hungary (we wrote about this in our previous article).
Small producers in Croatia have very favorable legislation in that artesian activity, the processing of other producers’ products (to a smaller proportion) and agrotourism are also allowed within the scope of activities. The problems are caused by joint selling and home delivery there as well. The solidarity shopping community solutions are becoming more and more popular there as well.

Dr Ágnes Major spoke about the EU’s flexible hygiene measures and the Short Food Supply Chain, which sales method also depends on the successful operation of the collaborations, which are strengthen by the objectives of the BOND project.