Statement of the 24th Nationwide Meeting of the Environmental and Nature Protection Civil Organisations (the Green National Council) about the herb public property and the artisan food production

2020. May 10., Sunday

April 26-27, 2014

Upon the initiation of the Rural Development Ministry a workshop consisting of civil organisations and professionals to determine the general and product specific definition of artisan food in 2014. A the end of the last meeting when all participants almost left the meeting room such a determinations was finally defined that only such food may be regarded as artisan food which is tested quarterly in laboratory. This is unacceptable, uncompetitive and imposes unbalanced burden for small farmers and hurts the food autonomy and as to proudly take upon our traditions. Kislépték participated on the meeting with lecturers and with ad hoc legal advisingThis is against the provisions of par. 2-109 of Codex Alimentarius Hungaricus.

1. The Green National Council reinforced the declaration at the National Committee meeting of the International Year of Family Farming on March 4, 2014 regarding to herbs: a) Herbs and the herb medical effect knowledge has to be part of the elementary education, The practical and academic education has to be supported. b) The following has be officially declared:HERBS AND THEIR MEDICAL EFFECT ARE OUR PUBLIC DOMAIN. THE WILD BERBS, THEIR PARTS AND AGENT MAY NOT BE SUBJECT OF PATENT PROCEDURE. 

2. It is requested to confirm these statements and imply in the regulatory system:a) it should be allowed to use pesticides allowed for ecological production when herbs produced for herb tea, herb medicine and herbs with curative effect.b) artisan herb products is allowed to be produced by as notified and not approved activity without laboratory test complying by EU labelling rules. c) one should be allowed to deal with herbs (use, provide information, produce herb content food) with a minimum 30 hours successful course.d) food with herb content may be produced and sold upon small scale producer rule.

3. The 24th Nationwide Meeting of the Environmental and Nature Protection Civil Organisations support that herbs should be public domain for the sake of biodiversity and cultural variegation, for the protection of our cultural heritage and food sovereignty.

4. The Green National Council authorises Kislépték National Union for Representing the Interests of Small-scale Farmers to initiate professional conciliation to Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture and to other decision making organs to alter this “dragon herb regulation”.