Manual on How to make Home Delivery or Operate a WebShop

2020. May 10., Sunday

December 1, 2017
This manual was written by JánosHorváth and Andrea Szabadkai and published by Védegylet and Kislépték.
If you had no chance to read all those bulk of laws and regulations froparagraph to paragraph you not have to do it anymore! Read our nichepublication. Our modern age, technology and consumers trends require evenfarmers to use online trading methods or make hoe delivery or the use ofelectronic payment while farmers sehll their products. Actually law are notfollow as fast the dynamic change of the technology but this manual tries toprovide an up-to-date guidance on selling farm products o web or through homedelivery.
The manual may be downloaded (in Hungarian) HERE  or on the Issu page ofVédegylet