Rural Facilitator -Erasmus+ projekt workshop

2020. December 28., Monday

On the 4th of September at Kujáni Tanya we organized the multiplier event for short food supply chain facilitators in Hungary. The event was organised by Trebag Szellemi tulajdon- és Projektmenedzser Kft
and Kislépték Egyesület.
The event was arranged to be as safe as it has to be, every detail was matched to the regulations connected to Covid-19.
The aim of the event was to meet the people who are interested in the short food supply chain, to share with them the concept of the Rural Facilitator project and to get a feedback from them. Project webpage HERE

We heard 4 presentations rich in information:
– Introducing the Rural facilitator project – Andrea Kövesd
– Introducing the SFSC apllication – Adrienn Szabó
– Good practices for SFSC tenders and organization – Judit Molnár
– Innovation in SFSC – Kislépték
A questionnaire about the opinion of the participants was filled at the end of the event. Due to this the 3 most important skills that should be highlighted in the handbook are: #marketing #communication #leadership. This questionnaire provides us more useful information on the topic, and it is an important feedback for us.

RURALF) 2019-1-CZ01-KA202-061270 Erasmus+
KA202 Partnerségi együttműködések: innováció és jó gyakorlatok cseréje