Once again about online cashier with some reservations – No online cashier obligation for small-scale farmers and artisans at farmers’ market, general markets

2020. May 10., Sunday

October 15, 2015
Having participated on the online cashier working group at September21, 2015 organised by the National Economic Ministry we learned gladly that small-scale farmers and artisans will not be obliged to operate on line cashier at farmers’ markets and ordinary market.
I was reasoned that involving those who provide mobile services would not be lifelike. However there would be some changes related to non-mobile trade and for taxis.

Kislépték asked lawmaker on the meeting that the basis for determining who is obliged to operate an online cashier should not merely based on the statistical activity code (i.e. Statistical classification of economic activities, NACE ’08), since taking the example of a person who pursues agroturism services actually provides diversified activities, and each of that specific activities have to be classified by specific statistical activity codes.The classification of each specific activities might (even does) result the obligation to use online cashier.

Just taking some example according to National Association of Rural and Agroturism:
An agroturism service provider farmer must classify his/her diversified activities as follows:
Charioting on horse-drawn carriage, on tractor platform, bier bicycle can only classified as
H49.3.2 – Taxi operation, or
H49.3.9 – Other passenger land transport n.e.c.
These services are obliged to use online cashier…….
If an agroturism service provider offers a catering stop for horse riders or bicyclers, or rents a boat for an angler or just expands its service with renting canoe, bicycle or Nordic walking stick for his/her hiking guests should not be obliged to operate an online cashier. But presently these activities have to be classified according to statistical activity code, and these activities may only be classified as
R93.2.9 – Other amusement and recreation activitieswhich is subject to online cashier obligation.
What if a traditional village house organises craft and artisan entertainment programme and a fair? Would this mean that after this activity an online cashier has to be operated? Yes, since this activity is also falls under the above classification.
If a family friendly farmer installs a kid chute in the farm yard, hopefully this would not fall under the activity of
R93.2.1 – Activities of amusement parks and theme park
since such operator has to use online cashier.
If a civil organisation or a family farmer offers Kneipp trip, operates a herb route, makes a corn labyrinth should not fall into the online cashier obligation! Operators of traditional village houses with their folk and artisan programme should not fall under the online cashier obligation!  But this activity also falls under this statistical classification.
The agroturism service provider should not fall under the obligation of online cashier if obtained a massage course certificate offers massage to his/her guests since this classification is also subject to online cashier.
S96.0.4 – Physical well-being activities

And finally taking the example of artisan craftsmen, who is actually a housewife, a civil organisation or a micro entrepreneur. His/her activity making re-textile souvenirs or felt making should not have zto operate an online cashier since this activity classifies under
S96.0.1 – Washing and (dry-)cleaning of textile and fur products.

See our earlier pictochart on the costs of the online cahsier.