A survey on collective actions – BOND

2020. May 10., Sunday

The BOND project, supported by the EU H2020 Program promotes the learning of farmer organizations participating in the project from many European countries, and the development of their networks.

[mou_survey_terkep]An interregional forum was held in Cordoba, Spain, on 24–25 September 2018, with around 100 participants from the project’s countries. They shared the experiences of study tours earlier that year and discussed the possibilities of starting joint activities, collaborations. Participants presented the practices and experiences of producers’ and producers’-consumers’ cooperations of their own countries (or talked about why they lack such initiatives).
In a later stage of the project, the Kislépték Association will help to conclude Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) in 8 countries. MoUs will be made between producers’ organizations or with local or national authorities. The experts of Kislépték gathered information for the preparation of these MoUs from the participants in the coffee breaks of the Cordoba event. Kislépték summarized the findings of the survey in a study, which can be downloaded from here.
Participants could share their opinions by placing notes on posters in 3 main thematic areas, including a total of 24 sub-topics, as follows:
In which topic do you think a MoU could be made the EASIEST in your country?
Name those topics in which a MoU would be very IMPORTANT, but making one would be VERY DIFFICULT or not possible.
168 answers were collected from 20 countries. The survey was not representative.
MoUs on market access and environmental sustainability would the EASIEST to be made in most countries (see figure).
Environmental sustainability:
The following answers got the most votes in the above mentioned two topics:
Access to information, education and consultation services on environmentally friendly farming.
Sustainable farming:
Cooperation of producers, e.g. promoting common food processing, machinery rings, common retail
Market access
Services, counseling, transfer of knowledge and experience to small farms
Study tours
Developing common points of sale, facilitating the operation of local markets and simplifying regulation concerning these
National brands and trade marks
Developing co-operation in market access is THE MOST DIFFICULT TOPIC among the IMPORTANT ones
[MoUabra_EN2]The most difficult task:
According to the respondents MoUs WOULD BE IMPORTANT, but can not be made or it is very difficult to be made on “Community-supported agriculture” (7 countries replied)
Import duties to protect local production (6 countries)
Simplification of taxation rules
Administrative simplification
Simplifying administrative and hygiene standards