2022. October 18., Tuesday

This programme offers a unique, intensive, and hands-on immersion on the topics of sustainable and regenerative agriculture and its impact on the food production systems (carbon markets, alternative proteins, short food supply chains and digital tools to support sustainable agriculture). Participants will be able to choose the most relevant topics for their activities.

Guided by an innovation mindset, participants will think of solutions for challenges faced by regenerative agriculture farmers visited in the context of the program. We are seeking:

farmers and practitioners aiming to understand what the transition to sustainable farming entails,
students researching on the topic,
young professionals and industry participants from the agri-food chain who wish to incorporate sustainability in their activities,
food retailers staff for a broader perspective of the value chain,
aspiring entrepreneurs interested in innovating in the food system and in improving the wellbeing of the population by providing them with safer and healthier products.
Multidisciplinary backgrounds (e.g. Food Science, Other Sciences, Engineering, Business/ Marketing, Informatics and Computational Science) are welcome and encouraged.

This programme is for:

  • Students at Masters and Doctoral level
  • Industry participants and young professionals, including industry players from the agri-food chain;
  • Major food retailers, who want to lead the sustainable transition in agri-food chains, by setting the road ahead. Specifically, those that want to support their primary producers and suppliers to adopt more sustainable practices, from regenerative, to local produce to provide a healthier offer to consumers.
  • Farmers & Practitioners, with a special focus on farmers who will be willing or, are currently, exploring the transition to regenerative and more sustainable farming including shorter value chains.
November 2, 18: 00
How post-harvest technology influences production decisions – how the post-harvest technology can be implemented to SFSC? Best practices how to manage crisis by short value chains
November 2, 19:00
Commercialization / Distribution channels: What kind of distribution channels are available via SFSC?
November 3, 18:00
Marketing for local (small) producers: The story behind the small producer / what can I do with production surplus Eg. Lose apple (“take me with you, I’m lonely)
November 3, 19:00
Future of the short value chains in the green approach: The agroecology transition in SFSC
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