CO-FRESH Innovation showcased at the SFSC Expo

2024. March 3., Sunday

On 29 February 2024 the 3rd Short Food Supply Chain EXPO and Conference was held in Jakabszállás, Hungary which hosted the national multiplier event of the CO-FRESH project.

More than 80 exhibitors and over 600 people visited from 11 countries. The SFSC EXPO’s focus was on the cooperation opportunities in supply chains and the possible innovations, showcasing good practices.

Thanks to the consortium partners the outcomes and the good practices created in the project were shared with a wide audience, where more than 100 people participated.

The following presentations were the core part of the technical event:

Inés Echeverría Goñi, project coordinator, CNTA, Spain presented the CO-FRESH project, the co-creation methodology used to find innovations for developing the vegetable and fruit sector.

Adrienn Somosné Nagy, CEO of Pilze-Nagy Ltd. presented the Product development and good sales practices through the example of oyster mushroom. Her presentation focused on the created innovation methods based on the CO-FRESH project.

Minke Burgers, projektmanager at Foodvalley, Netherlands presented the case study of the FAVA BEANS. This example is from the Netherlands and the project partners showed that innovation can be useful in the case of traditional products too. Another important message of her presentation was that shortening the supply chain can be very successful both for producers and consumers.